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Leroy’s Music Videos

Wattamolla Water

From the 2004 album “BONK”. Shot on location at Wattamolla External Link within the Royal National Park External Link south of Sydney, Australia. It was late spring so the beach was mostly empty and the water was still relatively cold. The song was constructed around the audio about a year before YouTube existed, so combining the video back with the song was something of a challenge. Parhealica appears courtesy of Grrrrrrl Records.

ocean around the shore

From the 2004 album “BONK”. Shot on location at the entrance to Clovelly Beach External Link in Sydney, Australia. Parhealica appears courtesy of Grrrrrrl Records.


From the 2008 “Windchill” album. Shot in Stamford, Connecticut looking west with the sun setting off the left side of the frame.

Five Laps

From the 2008 “Windchill” album. Shot with a digital camera at Cove Island Park External Link in Stamford, CT. Each lap around the park is 0.95 miles.

Behind the Wheel (Pull My Strings Remix)

This is the Leroy Brisk “Pull My Strings” remix of the Depeche Mode song from the 1987 “Music for the Masses” album. The video is shot in Sydney, Australia on a car trip from Abbotsford External Link to the Taronga Zoo, External Link crossing over the ANZAC bridge External Link (pictured above) and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. External Link Yes, I know the song has nothing to do with driving a car. The first version of the video was a slowed-down edit of the original Depeche Mode video so due to copyright issues, YouTube took it down.

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