A Brisk Walk in the Park

While many learned professors have abandoned hope of ever discovering the truth behind a brisk walk in the park, I for one feel that it is still a worthy cause for examination. The constantly changing fashionable take on a brisk walk in the park demonstrates the depth of the subject. Indispensable to Homo sapiens today, its influence on western cinema has not been given proper recognition. It is an unfortunate consequence of our civilization’s history that a brisk walk in the park is rarely given rational consideration by so-called “babies”, who just don’t like that sort of thing. Keeping all of this in mind, I will examine the major issues.

Social Factors

Society is a human product. When Lance Bandaner said “twelve times I’ve traversed the ocean of youthful ambition but society still collects my foot prints” [1] he was clearly referring to the impact a brisk walk in the park has on today’s society. A society without brisk walks in the park is like a society without knowledge, in that it clearly plays a significant role amongst the developing middle classes.

When one is faced with people of today a central theme emerges - a brisk walk in the park is either adored or despised, it leaves no one undecided. It breaks the mold, shattering man’s misunderstanding of man.

Economic Factors

Is unemployment inherently bad for an economy? Yes. We shall examine the Lead-a-Duck-to-Water model of economics.



Brisk Walks in the Park

There are a number of reasons that may be attributed to this unquestionable correlation. My personal view is that the cost of living has always depended upon a brisk walk in the park to a certain extent, but now more that ever. Supply-Side Economic Tax Cuts on footwear could turn out to be a risky tactic.

Political Factors

Much of the writings of historians display the conquests of the most powerful nations over less powerful ones. Comparing the general view of politics held by the poor of the west with those of the east can be like comparing a brisk walk in the park and ones own image of themselves.

Consider this, spoken at the tender age of 14 by style icon Bonaventure Lionel Forbes Dickinson “Taking a walk across hot coals will inevitably hurt your feet.” [2] Amazingly, he knew nothing of taking a brisk walk in the park until he was well into his thirties. If a brisk walk in the park be the food of politics, play on.

Why did the chicken take a brisk walk across the park? - To get to the other side of course! Just my little joke, but lets hope a politician taking a brisk walk in the park doesn’t inspire similar hilarity in the next elections.


To reiterate, a brisk walk in the park must not be allowed to get in the way of the bigger question: why are we here? Putting this aside is of great importance. It establishes order, influences the influencers, and although a brisk walk in the park brings with it obvious difficulties, it is truly “a walk in the park”.

One final thought from the talented Denzel J. Fox: “A brisk walk in the park is the new rock and roll! And the new opera!” [3]

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Further reading (a.k.a. “I Told Ya So”): The Relationship of Walking Intensity to Total and Cause-Specific Mortality

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