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news May 21, 2011. Leroy Brisk's “Pull My Strings” Remix of Depeche Mode's Behind the Wheel can be found on track 2 of a Depeche Mode unofficial bootleg compilation CD titled Karma External Link.

video May 22, 2010. Leroy Brisk has published music videos for “Wattamolla Water” YouTube and “ocean around the shore” YouTube

video November 27, 2009. Leroy Brisk has published the music video for “Pink”.YouTube

video October 1, 2009. Leroy Brisk has published the music video for “Five Laps”.YouTube

video July 24, 2009. The music video for the Leroy Brisk Pull My Strings remix YouTube of Depeche Mode's Behind the Wheel has been uploaded to YouTube.

news June 20, 2009. Fresh with new hardware and software at hand, Leroy has been working on new material for an upcoming album but has been spending most of his time working on remixes of Depeche Mode and others. In other news, Parhealica, Leroy's muse through all these years, appears to have faded away. Leroy is currently accepting applications for a new muse.

video November 25, 2008. Leroy Brisk has created a YouTube channel. YouTube

News Flash! September 12, 2008. Thirteen months after listening to a rough cut of WindChill and removing a 6-minute track then declaring the album to be “not ready”, Leroy Brisk has released his third album. The 66-minute album's 10 tracks hit the lighter side of chill music. Two tracks, “Subtle Drums” and “Pink” were added in just the last few months of production to fill the gap left after removing a track that just didn't fit with the theme and flow of the album. To complete the three-album arc started over four years ago, “WindChill” ends with a remix of “Hyde Park”, the first track from 2004's “BONK”.

news August 18, 2007. The release of Leroy Brisk's third album, “WindChill” has been moved to at least October 2007.

news February 11, 2007. Leroy Brisk's next album will be titled “WindChill” and is planned for a late-summer release.

News Flash! March 28, 2006. Fifteen months in the making, “Afterwords” is complete and in limited distribution throughout the United States, Australia and Iceland. The 20 tracks run the gamut from techno dance to experimental to drum&bass to chill to funk to hip-hop and back to techno. Initial reviews include “Sounds excellent”, “ill!”, and “fantastica album !!!!!”.

news March 6, 2006. “Afterwords” is in the final stages of production and will be released within the next few weeks. Leroy has already started working on his third album, tentatively titled “chill”.

news September 25, 2005. After the failure of the web server, this website has been moved to another server at a different location. This web site will return to the previous, higher-speed host, at a future date. In other news, the release of “Afterwords” has been moved to December 2005.

news March 11, 2005. The first rough-cut CD is made of Leroy Brisk's up-coming album “Afterwords”. The 19 tracks consist mostly of incomplete songs and was made mostly to work out the song order and for a select few to listen to and critique. The album is scheduled for release in July 2005.

news January 6, 2005. Initial reviews for “BONK” are coming in and all are very favorable.

News Flash! December 24, 2004. “BONK”, the long-awaited first album from Leroy Brisk is currently in limited release in Australia, Iceland and the United States. The cover art is causing a bit of a stir and is being labeled as “too pornographic” in the U.S. so a new one may need to be made.

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